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Derek gets Snapchat-ed, Stiles is gleeful, Erica Snapchats back, Stiles is embarrassed, Derek takes a chance, Stiles is gleeful until he realizes Derek is a sneaky sneaky sour wolf.

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"Scott, that's your Snapchat notification," Allison said, poking Scott in the side, "go check it."

Scott looked disbelievingly at his girlfriend of two years (and in Scott's mind, hopefully for the rest of his life), "How do you know that's Snapchat and not anything else?"

Allison shrugged casually and looked away, Scott could see a faint blush rising on her cheeks. "I, uh, spent yesterday morning customizing all of your notification alert sounds..." Scott made a sort of half-amused, half-horrified noise. Allison snapped her head back to glare at Scott, cheeks now a flaming red color. "Shut up!"

"I didn't say anything, Alli-bear!" Scott protested, cowering a bit away from his angry girlfriend. Allison gave a disbelieving snort and glared at Scott for minute before turning back to the movie that they were watching (The Avengers). After a few minutes, another chime sounded. Allison looked torn for a second before giving in, and then she reached a hand out to snatch up the phone off the coffeetable.

"It's from Stiles," Allison noted. She wasn't very surprised that Stiles had sent two before Scott had replied, she and Stiles had had a lengthy Snapchat conversation last Friday when she had downloaded it for herself Scott.

"What'd he send?" asked Scott, leaning over a bit to see the screen. Allison tapped and held the screen to look at the first one, and they both laughed as a picture of Stiles grinning at them popped up-with a grumpy looking, slightly dazed Derek next to him. Stiles had circled what looked to be a bit of drying drool at the corner of Derek's lips.

"Oh my god, the next one's probably a picture of Stiles' mangled arm or something," said Scott, not quite sure if he should laugh at the thought or cringe in horror. Allison tapped the phone again, and this time, they both went silent in shock.

"Is that."

"I think..."

"Why are his lips so red?"

"Uh, sweetie, when my lips are red..."

"Yeah, but that's only when you're wearing lipstick or we've uh, been, um, kissing..."

"Exactly, Scottie."


"What?! No!"

"Oh yeah, if he did, he'd be wearing a dress, right?"


"Wait, so"

"That's it. You got there in the end, I'm proud of you Scott."


"I knew you could do it if you put your mind to it!"


"I'm very shocked that it took that short actually, usually you're even slower on the uptak-"


"Oh dear."




Allison sighed as Scott's litany of "NO"s continued. She shrugged and raised the phone, might as well send Stiles an answer back. She just wished she could see what the two were doing right now, she'd always thought that Stiles and Derek looked quite adorable together, and the idea of them making out...well, let's just say, Derek had some fine body structure, and Stiles' lips were very red in that picture...


Jackson is lounging at his house because Lydia said they were going to dinner and that he needed to come pick her up at exactly 7:00 and no earlier, no later. It's 6:30 and the drive to Lydia's house is exacly 10 minutes and 29 seconds (Lydia made Jackson time it a couple times).

Jackson is lounging at his house because he likes lounging.

It's in the middle of flicking through some old ESPN magazines when his phone dings. He reaches for it immediately (not because it might be a certain red-head who is changing the time and especially not because he is terrified of the certain red-head) and sees that it's a Snapchat from..."BatmanthynameisStiles" which is weird because Jackson is positive that he has never given Stiles his Snapchat screen name. Ignoring it, he goes back to reading about the current reigning champ of lacrosse in the nation.

A few minutes later, after Jackson has moved onto the swimsuit edition (carefully hidden behind a recent copy of MCLA in case a certain red-head decided to walk in) and is eyeing the extensive collection of...swimsuits-when another ding sounds. Scowling at his phone, he decided to pick it up and see what Stiles had sent because apparently not replying had done shit-all for discouraging the annoying guy. Tapping the first picture, he saw a picture of a drooling Alpha and a grinning loony.

Jackson snorted, this was what their fearless leader did when he wasn't scaring the living shit out of Jackson people. He tapped the next picture and nearly dropped his phone.

"What." Jackson said flatly as he stared at the Snapchat menu, picture having diappeared in three seconds. He felt a bit violated really, this was not something he had ever wanted to know. It was kind of like seeing his parents (oh god he had just considered Stiles his mom and the Alpha as his dad-no.) making out. There was no action going on, thank god, because Jackson might just vomit from seeing Stiles' kiss-swollen (again, no.) lips but if there had been action, he might actually have to bleach his brain.

Glaring at his phone, he decided to send a reply-if the picture looked like he was praying for a memory wipe, well, that was only natural. After it sent, he deleted Stiles from his contact list. The alarm on his phone went off suddenly, and Jackson swore as he saw that it was 6:48 already, and he rushed to pull on his shoes and grab his car keys. If he was late again, Lydia might...he didn't even know what she might do, but it'd be bad.

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