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2013-12-02 09:17 pm
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2013-12-02 09:11 pm

In Which Derek is Stiles' Baby Daddy (6/?)

WARNINGS: same as last chapter, watch for the *** start and then *** closing up the possibly triggering (definitely creepy) parts



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2013-12-02 09:06 pm

In Which Derek is Stiles' Baby Daddy (5/?)


Mentions of creepy as fuck sexual behavior crops up (not nearly as much as it will in the next chapter) from Stiles' abductor. It's not quite as graphic as it will get so probably won't be as freaky but if it's a trigger for you, I have marked it out with THREE ASTERISKS at the beginning of the section to the END so if you see *** then STOP and then scroll till you hit *** again! I WILL REPEAT THIS WAY OF WARNING next chapter when it gets freakier.

It was a testament to the amount of stress that a police officer undergoes in Beacon Hills that Sheriff Stilinski was calmly ordering the pack to gather around, assemble at Stiles' house only minutes after the shocked silence following Erica's panicked announcement.

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2013-12-02 09:05 pm

In Which Derek is Stiles' Baby Daddy (4/?)

The worst thing about pregnancies, Stiles found, was not the hormonal outbursts, nor was it the craving for strange food (after all, Stiles was used to eating strange things)—no, it was the swollen ankles and aching back.

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2013-12-02 09:04 pm

In Which Derek is Stiles' Baby Daddy (3/?)

The last thing the Sheriff of Beacon Hills expected when he entered his son's apartment was to hear the words "I'm pregnant."

But maybe he should accept by now that the last thing he expects usually is what will happen (werewolves exist).

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2013-12-02 08:57 pm

In Which Derek is Stiles' Baby Daddy (2/?)

It was another half an hour before Derek woke up again. In the meantime, the pack had eaten dinner and were all gathered around the living room.

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2013-12-02 08:54 pm

In Which Derek is Stiles' Baby Daddy (1/?)

"Oh my god health class was so very useless and I'm pregnant with a baby in the oven--a bun in the oven! I'm WITH CHILD. Up the duff. On stork watch. In the pudding club! I'll be eating for two. Congratulations, Derek," Stiles sounded more hysterical with each euphemism his brain came up with and by then, he was practically shrieking. "Your boys made the swim team."
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2013-12-02 08:53 pm

Fellatio Fail

In Derek's defense, he'd never done it before and a lot of guides said that some scraping with the teeth was good.
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2013-12-02 08:52 pm

Stouffer's Stiles

Stiles can't cook.

Stiles is about to have Derek's parents over for dinner.

Stiles is thankful that frozen food exists.
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2013-12-02 08:50 pm

Don't Cry--I'm Ok (now that you're here)

Cringing in anticipation of the pain that was sure to follow, Stiles was surprised by a scream that didn’t seem to be coming out of his mouth.

Oh. Derek had come.

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2013-12-02 08:49 pm

Sunday Morning Loving

Prompt: "Zip me (the dressing each other version), pairing of your choice."

Another apology fic for all the stuff I'm not writing/updating on time lol.

Got another prompt in my askbox, I was super excited--like, jumping for joy gleeeeeee :D (PLEASE COME GIVE ME MORE. I FEEL LOVED)

Pairing of choice--naturally, I chose Sterek.
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2013-12-02 08:48 pm


"You really thought you could get away?"

Porn battle prompt: angry sex
(this was my first ever attempt at anything past a hug. so.)
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2013-12-02 08:47 pm

Don't Make a Sound

It's a movie night, the whole group is at Stiles and Derek's place.

Derek's bored of the movie, but he has Stiles on his lap--this should be fun.

Porn battle prompt: public sex
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2013-12-02 08:46 pm

Kiss a Random Stranger, Stiles

Scott dares Stiles to kiss a stranger so he does. Except his first choice is a mishap and then he runs into a Sexy Wall whose name is Derek.

Sex ensues.

Porn battle prompt: sex with a stranger
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2013-12-02 08:45 pm

Missing that Dream-like Quality

Stiles Stilinski, jailbait of the century is in Derek’s car and he’s naked.


In which there is Car Sex.
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2013-12-02 08:44 pm

In Which Stiles Uses Lasagne Ingredients Inappropriately

Lasagne is burnt and Derek doesn't show enough compassion and so Stiles shows Derek how awesome food is...with sex of course.
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2013-12-02 08:43 pm

Sorry About Your Pink Undies

Stiles puts his red hoodie in Derek's laundry and turns Derek's underwear pink.

Inspired by (x)
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2013-12-02 08:41 pm

Poppin' Cherries

Stiles is fascinated by Derek eating a cherry.

Derek is fascinated by Stiles making a cherry stem knot.

Cherries are popped, knotting occurs ;)

inspired by (x)

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2013-12-02 08:40 pm

In Which Derek Comes Home Early And Jumps Stiles

Stiles misses Derek (and the sex), but then Derek comes home and uh, wall sex ensues.

There is more porn.

Can be read on its own, it's really just porn.
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2013-12-02 08:36 pm

In Which Derek Jumps Stiles Before Stiles Can Jump Derek

There is porn.

Essentially, Derek starts out with angsty feelings but then Stiles is too gorgeous to resist and they end up fucking. Yup.
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